Programmi Mirati

Targeted Programs

The targeted programs of Herbal teas from Zahara they are composed of the two T. the healthy basis :
Herbal tea Burns Strong is Night herbal tea , more specific supplements and concentrated liquids.
They are designed for weight loss in the various parts of each individual's body.

Their peculiarity is that they act in critical points attacking localized fats (hips and thighs, abdominal fat, cellulite, total body) in excess favoring the to loss of weight and centimeters.
The best results are obtained by combining a controlled diet and moderate physical activity.
  1. <transcy>Total Cellulix Herbs</transcy>
  1. <transcy>Hips and Thighs formula 3 Very Strong</transcy>
  1. <transcy>Hips and Thighs formula 2 Strong</transcy>
  1. <transcy>Hips and Thighs Herbs</transcy>
  1. <transcy>Abdominal fat formula 3 Very Strong</transcy>
  1. <transcy>Abdominal Fat formula 2 Strong</transcy>
  1. <transcy>Abdominal Fat Herbs</transcy>
  1. <transcy>Total Body formula 3 Very Strong</transcy>
  1. <transcy>Total Body formula 2 Strong</transcy>
  1. <transcy>Total Body Herbs</transcy>