Who we are

I'm Simonetta Gorelli, Founder of the brand "Le Tisane di Zahara" and official distributor of the line of slimming products and dietary supplements Le Tisane di Zahara.

“I am a person, like you, who a few years ago wanted to change his life, committing himself to achieving one goal: to lose weight naturally. Thus, I discovered, after much research, a wonderful world: that of herbal teas.

After careful studies and tests, together with experts in the sector, I created the line of products Le Tisane di Zahara, consisting of a mix of natural herbs with slimming, draining and purifying properties, selected to help accelerate metabolism and burn fat, promoting the balance of body weight and psycho-physical well-being.

I managed to lose weight without going hungry, simply by drinking my herbal teas and eating in a balanced way.

My life has changed a lot and now I help people with weight problems reach their goals. " 🎯

If you also want to change your life and feel good about your body, do not hesitate to contact me, together with a fabulous team we support a large group of women every day ready to get involved and confront each other without fear of being judged. .

The basis for taking this path is only one: THE BEGIN TO BELIEVE

Do you know why I can help you lose weight? Because like you I have experienced what it means to be overweight and not feel good about your body! If you listen to the video interview they gave me, you will find out how I did it and how now I can help thousands of people to reach the ideal weight and feel good about themselves!