Here are the testimonials from customers who have achieved incredible results

I managed to lose weight without going hungry simply by drinking my herbal teas and eating in a balanced way. My life has changed a lot and now I help people with weight problems reach their goals. My job is not only to sell products, but to be close to my customers in every difficulty that comes their way along the way.

I the Herbal teas from Zahara I met them through my GP, I felt bad because of the thyroid gland, I had all the tests wrong and my blood pressure was very high, I was scared ... I was really huge I weighed 98 kg, they advised me to go to Simonetta and that she had some herbal teas that they could help me to lose excess pounds I had.
Today I weigh 64 kg!
I don't give up anymore!

When I started drinking the Herbal teas from Zahara I weighed 157 kilos and now I have reached 99 kilos.
A result that I never thought I could ever achieve. In the past I had tried everything, but nothing had ever given me such important and lasting results.
58 kilos less , practically another person .... "a happy person!"

After three pregnancies, one of which occurred in the age close to menopause, I had gained a lot of kilos.
I was resigned to staying that way forever. By pure chance I became aware of the Herbal teas from Zahara . A friend of mine told me about Daniele who had lost almost 50 kg. Very skeptical, I called Simonetta the Founder of Zahara's herbal teas and also an old friend of mine whom I had not seen and heard from for a long time. With his help and the slimming herbal teas I managed to lose 10 kg!
To reach my ideal weight I still have to lose 5/6 kg,
but now I'm calm because I'm sure that I'LL MAKE IT!

I hope with my testimony to help all people who need to lose weight! I met Zahara's herbal teas through word of mouth, I contacted Simonetta, I asked for all possible information and she removed any doubts I had! I didn't have to lose a lot of 4/5 kg .. and instead I lost 8 !! HAPPY ME !! ... Because these 4 kilos tormented me for a lifetime !!

I am happy to have started this path and I am determined to continue this challenge. The more I see the positive changes, the faster I go towards the goal! Now my days have become easier, even in small gestures. To date I have lost 46 kilos thanks to the herbal teas and the help of Simonetta who was close to me stimulating me not to give up .

After trying a thousand diets, I was resigned to accept myself with the pounds
in excess, then a friend introduced me to Zahara's herbal teas and I convinced myself to try them.
As the days went by, I was realizing that I was losing weight without enduring fatigue and with few sacrifices. Today after almost a year I can say like Simonetta: "I did it!"
I dropped 20 kilos. My life has changed now I'm fine .. especially with myself.

I have known these slimming herbal teas by chance, a friend of mine had liked a post on the Facebook page of Zahara's herbal teas , I got curious and went to open it. It was December and I had given birth to my third child a month ago. So I let it go ...
After January, again on Facebook, I saw a post again, I contacted Simonetta .. I was very disheartened because my body had changed a lot , she advised me what to take and supported me on this path.
I lost 25 kg in about 7 months. My life has changed I have begun to love my body again, I do not abandon them anymore!

I started the herbal tea about a year ago and I lost
32 kg without making too many sacrifices, I learned to eat well thanks to Simonetta and her support, I recommend these herbal teas and Zahara products to all, because they give both psychological and physical support, I work a lot but I'm never tired ... my children tell me:
"mom but what do you use ?!"
I entrusted myself to Simonetta and Elisabetta as they are truly prepared people!
I am really satisfied ..
I have tried many diets .. like all of us .. but none like this has worked and not only on me because there are so many testimonials and therefore the advice I can give you .. RELY ON SIMONETTA AND ELIZABETH!