Bach Flowers - Menopause

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Adjuvant to emotionally rebalance during the period of menopause

Several floral extracts have been used to help the negative moods related to this transition period in female life:

There wot (OAK) for hypersensitivity to changes and emotional instability.

The Honeysuckle (HONEYSUCKLE) for regret, nostalgia and unhappiness.

The Sclerant (SCLERANTHUS) for instability and strong mood swings.

There Wild mustard (MUSTARD) for negative thoughts and gloomy morale.

There Wild chicory (CHICORY) for nervousness and profound insecurity. La Verbena (VERVAIN) for tension and nervousness.


Water, Brandy, macerated with: Walnut (petals), Honeysuckle (petals), Scleranthus (petals), Wild mustard (petals), Wild chicory (petals), Verbena (petals)

Floral hydroalcoholic solution: 9% YOU