Bach flowers - SOS Emergency

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SOS EMERGENZA was created by Dr. Bach as a "rescue remedy" for flower therapy for its calming and stabilizing effects on emotional tensions that alter the psycho-physical balance. there it is very useful when traumatic emotional events occur as it acts in a short time. It is a great soul comforter and generally brings immediate benefit.

The five flowers that compose it can be considered as the fingers that form the hand. that's why SOS 'EMERGENZA is considered as a single flower that acts mainly on the energetic and emotional imbalances characteristic of emergency situations. Dr. Bach said that to live peacefully it is necessary to achieve harmony of emotions. It can be useful in case of stress, nervousness, accidents, exams, big scares, emotional crises, fatigue, grief, worry and tension.

SOS EMERGENCY consists of five Bach flowers:

Impatiens for irritability, mental tension, frenzy, strong agitation and nervousness.

Clematis for the detachment from reality, lack of vitality, a feeling of strangeness and indifference.

Rock rose for the sense of panic, inability to react and disorientation.

Cherry plum for fear of losing both physical and mental control and inner torment.

Star of Bethlehem for mental tension, unexplained discomfort and lack of inner balance.


Water, Brandy, Mirabolano Macerate (CHERRY PLUM) petals, Vitalba (CLEMATIS) petals, Balsamine (IMPATIENS) petals, Helianthus (ROCK ROSE) petals, Star of Bethlehem (STAR OF BETHLEHEM) petals. (Alc. 27% vol.)

Advice For Use

l) Take 4 drops directly into the mouth four or more times a day (hold the liquid for a few seconds and then swallow it).

2) Or 4 drops in a glass of water to drink in small sips in a short time.

3) The spray package to always carry with you is very useful: two or three sprays directly in the mouth, as needed.

External use

Apply on the skin favoring absorption with a light massage. It can be used to relax and reduce joint and muscle tension. It can be helpful in case of skin irritation and redness. It can be applied by massaging on the reflex points in case of tension and difficulty in relaxing.

* It only helps in the presence of momentary difficulty. This product is never a substitute for medical treatment .