Bach Flowers - Stress & Beauty

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This product is a great soul comforter and generally brings immediate benefit. It acts mainly on energetic and emotional imbalances characteristic of emergency situations. Dr. Bach said that _to live peacefully it is necessary to achieve harmony of emotions. It can be useful in case of tension and sensory overload such as to bring insensitivity, nervousness with uncontrollable outbursts of anger, emotional crises, forms of silence frozen by one's sensations.

Impatiens : relieves mental tension, helps regain inner calm and security.

Clematis : for the detachment from reality, lack of vitality, feeling of strangeness and indifference.

Rock Rose : for the sense of panic, inability to react and disorientation.

Cherry plum : for fear of losing both physical and mental control and inner torment.

Star of Bethlehem : for mental tension, unexplained discomfort and lack of inner balance.

This new formulation is composed of the magnificent 5 Bach Flowers of the Universal Extract with the addition of Olive and Crab Apple.

The product acts as an emotional support for those who have suffered from recent or past trauma. Sometimes we underestimate the impact of accidents, violence suffered, verbal and non-verbal abuse. It can be used for its calming and stabilizing effects on emotional tensions that alter the psychophysical balance.

Olive: communicates the solar strength of the plant helps to regain vital resources. Crab Apple: leads to a psycho-physical purification.


Water, Brandy, Macerate of Mirabolano (CHERRY PLUM) petals, Vitalba (CLEMATIS) petals, Balsamin (IMPATIENS) petals, Eliantemo (ROCK ROSE) petals, Star of Bethlehem (STAR OF BETHLEHEM) petals, OLIVES (Olea europaea), CRAB APPLE (Maius pumila).

Advice For Use

Take 4 drops four times a day in a little water for at least one month.